June 29, 2022

With increasing optimism and technological advancement in the automobile field, it is not surprising that technology like self-driving cars is being researched and developed. This has also led to new businesses and jobs in the automotive industry. These jobs are heavily in demand as can be seen from the large number of students enrolling in any reliable self driving course in Chennai and other places in India. But with anything new, its pros and cons need to be measured

There are a lot of risks associated with self-driving cars, but arguably the most serious is the failure of the software that controls the car. That’s why many believe that this technology will never be trusted by the general public or insurance companies..  Hence in this blog, we are going to learn about the risks associated with self-driving cars:

  1. False Sense of Security
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If you are in an accident, the self-driving car will not be able to take over the wheel and stop for you. So, if someone hits you or does something else that causes a collision, the car’s computer system will not be able to open the door and help you escape.

  1. Unpredictable Driving Habits

A person’s driving habits can also be unpredictable when they are relying on a steering wheel and pedals to control their vehicle. If they have been drinking or using drugs, they may not be able to focus on the road as well as they should be able to do so. This could lead to accidents because they do not know how their actions will affect their vehicle’s performance or response time in an emergency situation such as a car crash or medical emergency while driving.

  1. Lacking Awareness of Others’ Safety
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A person who is driving an autonomous car may not realize that another driver has failed to yield right-of-way at an intersection or has committed some other kind of violation that could cause an accident with another vehicle or pedestrian. The self-driving car may also be programmed to avoid dangerous situations, such as running into a school bus full of children, so the driver will avoid having to take control of the vehicle and make the decision to save lives.

In addition, the car may have been programmed to follow a certain path but then become confused and veer off course into oncoming traffic or pedestrians. A driver who has taken control of the car for any reason could easily override the system and take control again before any damage is done.

  1. Cyber Attacks
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Cyber attacks are another risk that could cause self-driving cars to fail. These attacks target both the software and hardware of self-driving cars, and they can occur at any time, even with low traffic levels. The best way to avoid these risks is through security audits on your vehicle’s software and communication systems, as well as regular updates to ensure that you’re protected against new threats.

  1. No regulations regarding self-driving cars

The biggest risk of self-driving cars is the lack of regulations. It is possible that companies will rush to market with their self-driving cars and it won’t take long before someone gets seriously injured or killed.

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The government will have to step in and create rules if accidents start happening, which could slow down the development of these vehicles.

Hence now that you are aware of the risks associated with self driving cars make sure to discuss these at length when you join a self driving course in Bangalore or any other place to form a better understanding of the whole subject and also to understand the solution to these risks.


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