July 18, 2022

How can you send large PDF files over email when most messaging apps restrict sharing of large PDFs? To surmount this challenge, you should know how to reduce the size of a PDF.

A good PDF editor helps you make changes to your documents, but you’ll need a PDF compressor to make a PDF smaller for easy sharing. While PDF compression can affect the image quality within the documents, using a premium tool will prevent this.

We’ve selected the most popular PDF compressors notable for shrinking PDF files. What makes these specialized PDF tools unique is how they retain file quality after the job’s done.

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Check out the top 10 PDF compressors.

Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is a full-featured tool for editing PDFs and helping you compress PDF files. With this tool on your mobile or desktop, you can efficiently decrease the size of large PDFs and easily share them.

This PDF compression software selects your PDF document and compresses it to a small fraction of its initial size without damaging file quality. With the Lumin PDF cloud feature, you can upload compressed files to other users online.

Lumin PDF offers features like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), form-filling, and eSignature. It also integrates editing functionalities like deleting text, images, or pages, which is necessary to reduce PDF file size.

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Adobe PDF Compressor

Adobe PDF software incorporates a PDF compression tool to help users manage the size of files before sharing. Still one of the most popular PDF tools, Adobe does the job without hassle.

You’ll also access Adobe’s extensive tools to read, edit, and manage your documents. The Adobe dashboard is easy to understand, so you can learn how to make a PDF smaller within minutes.

Adobe PDF compressor uses a drag-and-drop feature to add files you want to compress. Once PDF compression is complete, you can save the file on your desired cloud storage or your device storage.


Smallpdf is a reliable PDF tool to help anyone master how to compress PDF files. If you’re tired of getting blurry images after PDF compression, Smallpdf is a premium choice for getting quality compressed PDFs.

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This tool combines PDF compression with other editing features to provide full-fledged hoa document software you can use anytime. However, its editing features are limited. Smallpdf also offers advanced features like OCR and eSign on paid plans.

Smallpdf lets you make file conversions, add changes and save your reduced files on device and cloud storage. Its drag-and-drop functionality makes uploading large files less exhausting, although speed depends on your connectivity.

Soda PDF

Soda PDF is one of the best PDF compressors you can use for free. The PDF compression tool is exceptional for compressing professional PDFs because it retains file quality.

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It offers impressive cloud storage integrations to help you upload and retrieve files from Google Drive and OneDrive platforms. It’s also easier to share compressed files via email after using Soda PDF.

With an online compression tool like Soda PDF, you can protect your documents from unauthorized access using passwords and file encryption. Extra tools like PDF annotation, file conversion, and PDF management make it a little more advanced for personal use.


PDF2Go is another free-to-use online platform to handle your PDF compression needs. On your web browser, you can access a specialized set of tools to master how to shrink PDF file size to your preferred size.

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PDF2Go has a simple and tolerable interface that will help you get around more accessible. You can even run basic PDF edits like changing text, adding images, and digitally signing documents. You can also convert your PDF files to other formats using PDF2GO.

Free PDF Convert

As the name suggests, Free PDF convert is another famous tool that allows you to manipulate PDFs. This online tool works fast, and you’ll get your compressed file in seconds.

Free PDF Convert provides security features to keep your data safe as you upload them over the internet for compression. It also guarantees good image quality for the end product after compression.

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Asides from helping you make your PDFs smaller, Free PDF Covert offers superior file conversion and access to your documents from any device. Once connected to the internet, getting the best results with Free PDF Convert is certain.

Foxit Phantom PDF

Foxit is a powerful PDF software ideal for quick PDF compression on your PC. With this dedicated PDF compressor, you can open multiple files simultaneously and compress file sizes to your taste.

As you already suspect, the Foxit Phantom PDF compressor is tailored for professional and business use. You can use editing features on the tool to open, create, edit, and convert PDFs on your desktop.

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Foxit boosts productivity at work by allowing you to store and access PDF files on the cloud. You can rest assured that your PDF documents are safe as you upload them online for editing.


ILovePDF is a sophisticated set of PDF software, including PDF compression, editing, and file conversion. You’ll get along with this tool fast and learn how to reduce PDF file size without losing quality.

This PDF compressor is free to use online and doesn’t place a compression limit on your file size. You can even compress multiple files once you register on the ILovePDF website.

Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2

Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2 helps users compress PDF like a pro using its multi-function feature. You can compare two PDFs side-by-side while you make changes using this PDF tool.

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The PDF compression software is also excellent for creating and editing PDF forms. Added functionalities like the snapshot feature, auto-repair, and PDF protection tools make it convenient for everyday use.

Sejda PDF

If you’re looking for a simple and interactive PDF compressor, Sejda will serve just perfectly. This tool is a good option for individuals and companies that want something basic to aid their operations.

Sejda may not be high-performance software like its competitors, but I’ll let you work on two documents simultaneously. Its interactive interface is easy to use, even though there’s room for improvement with the tool.


Compressing a PDF file size had never been easier until PDF compressors came on board. Using any of these 10 PDF compressors will produce the results you desire. But if you want our expert advice, you can opt for Lumin PDF because of its impressive, intelligent editing features.

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Lumin PDF takes your PDFs and does precisely what you want, whether PDF compression or file conversion. There’s something for private individuals, business people, and corporate organizations in Lumin PDF.

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